Pole Walking 101

Open to the Public Virtual Event for Everyone!

Monday, October  25th, 2021

1:00pm—2:30pm (Arizona time)

The benefits of using walking poles are many particularly for people with Parkinson’s.  The use of poles seems to enable people to adopt a more normal walking gait, with longer and quicker strides. That gait assistance is why poles are helpful for people with Parkinson disease and other movement disorders.  Because the poles create two more contact points with the ground, they offer more stability and better balance.

Join Nancy Nelson as she explains the benefits of pole walking, things to consider when purchasing a set of poles, how to adjust them and how to effectively use them. She will lead you through some fun high amplitude exercises using walking poles.


About the Speaker Nancy Nelson, PD Exercise Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer

Nancy is an avid proponent of continued education and training, she holds numerous credentials, including an ACE Personal Trainer certification, a Rock Steady Boxing certification, a Delay the Disease certification, Tai Ji Quan Moving for Better Balance training and has served as faculty for the PWR!Moves Instructor Training Course.  In addition, Nancy has completed the Urban Poling/Activator Parkinson Course.

Please note we are taking unlimited seat registrations. We have 98 available spots via zoom and they are first come first available.

We ask that you plan to sign in early so we can promptly begin.

We, also, will mute all attendees so the presenter can be heard by everyone.

We look forward to seeing you!
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