We’ve gathered the handouts, wellness and exercise tips and tricks, and other information sprinkled throughout the PWR! Virtual Experience and put it all on one page so you have a quick and easy way to find the information you’re looking for. 

The PWR!Moves

We will be using the PWR!Moves for many of our exercise classes. Feel free to print out the handy handouts below to use as quick references. 

PWR!Moves at a Glance

Keep this sheet nearby as you get familiar with the PWR!Moves.

PWR!Moves - PD-specific Skill Acquisiton

This handout offers an overview of the PWR!Moves, including how they can be integrated into daily life, which specific PD symptoms they target, which PWR!Moves trains which skill, and more!

Benfits of Addding Boosts to Your Exercise

Adding boosts to your exercise is an easy way to get more out of your workouts.  Learn how hand, eye, voice, and breath boosts and how they can address specific concerns.

Exercise Essentials

How you exercise matters! Learn about Exercise Essentials that you really need in order to really benefit from an exercise program.

PWR!4Life Program Essentials 2020

A complete program focused on Parkinson's.

Why Exercise in All 5 Positions

Regardless of your ideal intensity, we'll be exercising in multiple positions during your workouts.  Learn why it's important to exercise in a wide range of positions here.


Adaptations are ways to make changes to your exercises to make you more comfortable, better supported, address specific issues (such as knee pain or balance problems), and help you make the most out of your home exercise space.

Using household equipment is an easy way to make the appropriate adaptations for you, and the videos below highlight how to do so in each of our 5 positions.

Parkinson Disease Focused Boxing

Boxing Punches Cheat Sheet

This handy guide explains the 6 punches you'll use during our PD-specific boxing classes.  For more info, check out our Boxing Punches page and our Boxing Video Library.

Apps and Tech

Recommended Apps

This handout includes our favorite apps to help you get the most out of your PWR! Virtual Experience Membership.  Topics include music and exercise, meditation and mindfulness, voice training, medication and symptom tracking, and social media.

Parkinson Wellness Recovery

PWR! Programs

Want to find out more about Parkinson Wellness Recovery and what we offer?  Download our PWR! Programs handout or visit our About page to learn more!

Help with your Account

Logging into your PWR! Virtual Experience Account

This sheet offers step-by-step instructions (with screenshots!) for logging into your PWR! Virtual Experience account.

Changing your Password

This sheet offers step-by-step instructions (with screenshots!) for changing your password.