PWR! Twist in Standing

Join Amy as she demonstrates the PWR! Twist in standing and applies it to everyday life.

Hi, my name is Amy, and I'm a physical therapist here at the PWR!Gym. Today I want to talk to you about why we do the PWR! Twist in standing. So demonstrating the PWR! Twist for you first, you can't see my feet right now because I'm kind of in a tight space because that's the reality of most of our home setups. We're usually in kind of a tight enclosed area. So but I do have my feet nice and wide apart. I have my arms out here into a T position. So I kind of make a T with my body. I'm going to twist across clapping my hands together, opening up, and I'm going to do the same thing on the other side, twisting across clapping my hands and opening up. So I want to think about this, why I might use this maybe if I have to reach for something with only one hand available. So here's a scenario, right? I'm talking on the phone with someone I'm kind of in this tight space, I need to reach up and grab my vase up off the the shelf and bring it back down. So try that the next time you might be in a tight space and you have to really kind of twist your body to grab something.

Amy Holthaus, PT, DPT Parkinson Disease Exercise Specialist

About the Author

Amy is joining the PWR! team all the way from the small town of Fort Loramie, Ohio. She graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Health Science in 2018 and a Doctor of Physical Therapy with an Interdisciplinary Specialization in Global Health from The Ohio State University in 2021. Amy completed her final clinical experience at the PWR!Gym and found the experience so fulfilling that she accepted a full-time position as a physical therapist upon graduation. In her free time, Amy enjoys hiking, biking, running, and spending time with her friends and family, especially her niece and nephew!


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