U-Step Walker Tips

Hi. My name is Bridget Stewart, I’m a physical therapist at the PWR!Gym. I’m here to give you a couple of useful tips when it comes to using the U-Step walker. So, this one a really awesome factor about this is that it won’t go unless you squeeze these handles to walk forward. Things that we need to think of is that PWR!ed up posture, squeezing our shoulder blades, squeezing our glutes, and then holding down the handles staying within those two wheels just like with our other walkers. Backward stepping and walking is really nice with these, you squeeze down on the handles and then take your backward steps while keeping that walker close to you. So, whenever you need to stop just let go of those handles and the walker will stop with you. So, when we’re gonna go to turn to sit down we’ll have to walk in front of our chair and then when we are turning make sure that first step is more back than you would usually do with that walker keeping it within those two wheels. Then you can put on the brakes for the extra stability, reach back for that chair, and sit down. When you are ready to stand up, push off from the chair, nose over toes, there is your walker again, we’re ready to roll. So, if you have any other questions about the U-Step or any other walker feel free to stop by the PWR!Gym a physical therapist would love to answer your questions. Have a good one.


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