Scooting in your chair with the PWR!Rock

Bridget demonstrates two different ways to scoot forward and backward in your chair using the PWR!Rock. Let’s start off with the PWR!Rock as we rock forwards and backwards. Once we get comfortable with this, we can begin to move a little bigger and maybe even pick up our feet off the ground. Let’s do 5 together. When you’re ready, let’s rock to scoot back in our chair with that same movement. Think of bringing your nose over your toes as you rock forward to scoot your hips back in the chair. Let’s do that again. Bring your nose over your toes to scoot your hips forward. Let’s do a few more together. An alternate way to scoot is to PWR!Rock side to side shifting the weight from one hip to the other. Once you get comfortable with this movement, try to pick your foot up from the ground as you move bigger. Nice job everyone, keep going. Let’s put that into practice as we scoot back in the chair rocking from side to side. Try to get that hip off the chair and think about walking your hips forward and backward in the seat. Good work!


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