PWR! Up on your back - bed mobility

Watch as Sarah uses the PWR! Up while on her back to demonstrate how to move around your bed with ease.

Hello, I'm Sarah, Physical Therapist Assistant with the PWR!Gym and today I'm going to demonstrate to you a supine PWR! Up. Starting on your back with your knees slightly bent, feet, hips distance apart, going to send your hand skyward with your arms in a goalpost position. And then bend those elbows and drive them into the bed beneath you, lifting up your shoulder blades and creating a tunnel underneath them. And then relaxing, lifting those hands back up to the ceiling, driving those elbows down into the mat and lifting the chest. And this is a really functional exercise for when you're trying to scoot around in bed. I can push those elbows into the mat and maneuver my shoulders into a more comfortable position when I'm sleeping. And that's why you might use the supine PWR! Up


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