PWR! Twist on your belly - Get comfortable

Does limited mobility make it difficult for you to get comfortable once you go to bed? Follow along as Sarah uses the PWR! Twist to get into a comfortable sleeping position.

Hello, I'm Sarah, Physical Therapist Assistant with the PWR!Gym. And today I'm going to demonstrate how to do the PWR! Twist. Starting on my side, my hands stacked on top of each other, one leg is straight and the top knees slightly bent. I'm going to open my book, follow that hand with my eyes, and then bring it back together. And then do that one more time really opening up and one of the reasons that I might do this is to help me roll over in bed. And in order to do so I'm going to do it big and fast. So I'm going to go to open, close, open and as I start to close that book, I'm gonna roll over onto my side, so I can come back down on my belly, but then I decided that's not very comfortable. So coming back up on to my forearms, a little powered up position. I'm going to take my right arm, thread that needle and roll onto my right side. And back to bed. I go


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