PWR! Step to turn

Follow along as Sarah shows you how to turn and safely move in a tight area.

Hello, I'm Sarah, physical therapist assistant at the PWR!Gym and today I'm going to demonstrate the standing PWR! Step. So, anytime that I need to change directions, I'm always starting with my outside leg and the direction that I'm heading. So if I'm going to make a right turn, I'm turning the toes of my right foot that direction, taking a step, and then bringing my left to meet it. Now, why would I use this step you ask? To get my laundry and to get out of my laundry room, so I'm going to turn the toes of my right foot, take a step, get a hold of my basket, and then I'm turning the toes of my left foot to take that step to exit my laundry room. So I can safely turn in a small space with a decreased risk of falling


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