PWR! Step on your back - Getting in/out of bed

Do you struggle getting in and out of bed? Watch as Sarah gives you some tips and tricks using the PWR! Step to help!

Hello, I'm Sarah, physical therapist assistant at the PWR!Gym and today I'm going to demonstrate to you the supine PWR! Step. Come on down to your backs and keep your knees bent, feet or about hips distance apart, you're going to pick up that right foot, stomp it out to the side, and then bring it back to center. And then take the left foot out to the side, and back to center. Let's do that one more time on each side. And the reason we're doing this is to help our bed mobility, we can step our right foot off to the side, stepped the left foot to meet it, and then left our hips skyward and shift them over to the side of the bed. To come back the other direction will lift and step the left foot, lift and step the right pick those hips up and shift them back to center. Try that the next time you're getting in and out of bed.


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