Care partner cues for sit to stand

Hi everyone, I’m Calli from the PWR!Gym, I have Amy here with me today, and we are going to demo some ways you can help as a care partner or care giver help your loved one or someone you know with Parkinson’s get up from a chair. So, a lot of times we see people with Parkinson’s try to standup from a chair and they kinda tend to plop back down in the chair, or they lean forward but then they kind of get stuck and can’t stand up all the way. So, one thing you can verbally tell somebody with Parkinson’s is to think about bringing their belly to their thighs to help them get that big weight shift forward to stand up, or even nose over toes. And that can help them get that weight forward to stand up nice and tall. Another thing you can do is simply put your hand out for them to reach to, to help them come up. The last thing you can try is just putting a hand on the upper back to gently guide that weight forward. One thing you don’t want to do is come in front of them and try to pull them up because a lot of times they will pull back and that can cause you to come forward, it can cause them to tip over the chair backwards and we want to make sure that nobody gets hurt. I hope these tips were helpful. Thank you.


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Calli Hutchison, DPT Parkinson Disease Exercise Specialist

Calli first discovered her passion for working with people with Parkinson disease in 2014, as an undergrad working on a PD research study.  A few years later, she first joined the PWR! family as a physical therapy student on a clinical rotation. Calli found working at the PWR!Gym so deeply rewarding that, after graduation, she accepted a position as one of our full-time physical therapists, and she, her husband, and their three cats, Nugget, Peanut, and Khaleesi, moved to Tucson. In addition to treating clients, Calli organizes our Wellness Series and social events.

Calli offers physical therapy to clients in Arizona and wellness consultations to those outside of Arizona.

Outside the gym, Calli loves to travel—she’s been to four continents and she and her husband, Taylor, visit craft breweries everywhere they travel to.