Request a Wellness Consultation

We are proud to be able to support the Parkinson's community by offering our knowledge of Parkinson's in a Wellness Consultation

Why should you request a wellness consultation with PWR!?

At Parkinson Wellness Recovery, we know that every person’s journey with PD is different.  Getting one-on-one attention from our exercise specialists will help you get your needs answered and your journey supported.

Do you want?

One-on-one coaching on how to achieve your goals to live your best life with Parkinson disease.

We can show you....

How to incorporate the PWR!Moves in your exercise program and Instruction in how to set up your environment to participate in PWR! live or pre-recorded exercise classes

Would you like?

Guidance from PD exercise specialists who have over 100 years of combined experience (if your specialist hasn’t seen the problem you’re describing, they can ask the rest of the team for other options to help you!)

We can give you...

Help in finding PD-specific support in your home state (including physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, movement disorder specialists, support groups, etc.)

Do you need?

Education about how different components of wellness can help improve your Parkinsonian symptoms

We have the...

Resources to educate you on how to  support your exercise, sleep, nutrition, fitness, posture, hydration, bowel/bladder function, sexual health, and other areas of change that can occur due to PD

There are thousands of resources for people with Parkinson disease out there…the question is, which are best for you?

Let our PD exercise specialists give you information that works for you.


The process

First, we want to say Congratulations on taking that first step to making real brain change with exercise. 

We will begin by asking you to submit an Appointment Request form to Parkinson Wellness Recovery via our secure portal.

Many of these documents you will be asked to fill in are required so that we can make sure that we help give you the most specific care while keeping you safe.

Once your initial paperwork has been completed (including Registration, Health History, Self-Assessment, Waiver and Liability, Notice of Privacy Practices, and AV Policy), we will give you a call

You will speak with our front desk staff (no later than 2 business days from your submission of your paperwork), we will give you a link to 2-3 more documents that are specific to your appointment type.

Please call us at (520)591-5346 if you have not heard from us within 2 business days after submitting your form to request an evaluation.

We look forward to working with you soon!

The PWR! Staff

Designed for You! Our wellness consultation(s) are designed to help people with:

  • increasing and maintaining physical fitness and health
  • addressing strategies to improve non-motor symptoms of Parkinson disease
  • providing coaching to optimize exercise
  • screen for the need for medical intervention related to your Parkinson disease or other medical issues.

Recommendations We make recommendations specific to your needs. Some of those recommendations will include:

  • general information that all people with PD should know
  • Parkinson's specific tips on health, wellness, exercise, sleep, nutrition
  • helping you to build a foundation for exercise
  • Your Parkinson's specific exercise specialist will assist you with strategies to maximize your movement quality
  • Our knowledge will help you incorporate the PWR!Moves with every day functions affected by Parkinson's
  • We are there to answer your questions.

We can't wait to work with you!


Please keep in mind: Our staff of exercise specialists does include physical therapists, along with certified personal trainers and certified group fitness instructors. All of our PD exercise specialists are also PWR!Moves Certified Professionals, which means that they have additional training and expertise specifically in helping people with PD increase and maintain physical fitness and health. Although you may receive exercise and wellness strategies from a physical therapist during your wellness consultation, you will not receive skilled physical therapy. Your PD exercise specialist will not be “diagnosing” or “treating” specific impairments associated with your Parkinson disease, but rather, we will be providing you with general strategies and coaching known to improve the general health and well-being of people living with Parkinson disease.

If, during your health screening, we discover that you may need medical interventions to help monitor your PD, and that you might benefit from the guidance of a licensed physical therapist (or other medical interventionists) in your state, we may recommend that you see a licensed practitioner.