We are so excited you are interested in our classes!

We aim to give you the exercise program that suits your mobility level, interests, and availability to practice. We have a growing video library with over 600 exercise videos that cater to the person with Parkinson disease.

amy balance squat

What you need to help manage your best life with Parkinson's

Your Intensity

High, Moderate or Low Intensity - Let us meet you at the intensity you are at. Every journey with Parkinson's is different. You have to have access to different levels of intensities to keep moving. 

We offer an intensity self-survey.

Variety of Classes

We offer many different styles from our PWR!Moves to Yoga and Boxing and More. You can absolutely find a pre-recorded video to workout too in our Video Library.  We never want you to get bored with your progress!

We have tools to try new classes and exercise to favorites.

What schedule do you need?

We want you to exercise and we want to offer it to you on your schedule. Live Via Zoom or from our Recorded Library.

We offer downloadable calendars to help you create a plan.

Take a Moment to try a few of our classes


Our HIIT classes are fast-paced, high-effort, transition quickly, and include ways to increase difficulty, ranging from adding attentional and cognitive elements to increasing the complexity of tasks.

Demo: 1006. Live High Intensity Function 1 - HIIT

PWR! Circuit

Our PWR! Circuit classes include moderately paced exercise and recovery intervals, with slightly longer transitions, higher repetitions, and low-impact activities to promote better movement.

This can be offered at high OR low intensity versions to suit your mobility needs.

Demo: 334. Live High Intensity Balance 2 - Circuit - Dynamic Balance


Our PWR!Moves classes are designed to get you moving and using the PWR!Moves in a ton of positions! This class can be fast-moving or less rigorous and focuses on high-effort movements, complete transitions, and increasing task complexity.

We offer high OR low intensity versions to suit your mobility needs.

Demo: 1042. Live Low Intensity PWR!Moves 18

PWR! Boxing

Our PD-specific, non-contact boxing classes focus on using combinations of 6 different punches, agility work, balance and strength training, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive challenges to combat rigidity, imbalance, and slowness of movement.

We offer high OR low intensity versions to suit your mobility needs.

Demo: 317. High Intensity Boxing 7 - Strength


We need high-effort aerobic exercise to prime the brain to learn new things and combat the symptoms of PD. Our cardio classes give you a quick jolt to warm you up and get you energized for your exercise class. You can choose to do your cardio seated or standing.

Demo: 307. 10 Minute Seated and Standing Cardio - Let's Jog!

Specialty Classes

Our Parkinson-specific yoga classes combine principles from many types of yoga practices, particularly different asanas (i.e., postures and exercise) to improve the brain and body connection. These classes are low impact, appropriate for all levels, and focus on connecting the mind, body, and breath to improve strength, coordination, balance, and cardiovascular health.

Demo: 324. Live Yoga 5 


Our cooldowns are designed to relax the body after working hard and challenging your mind and body. You will see components of flexibility, meditation, and breath work incorporated into these short videos.

Demo: 350 Flow Cooldown 2

One of the most important things you can do for Parkinson's is Start Today!