Intensity Level Self-Assessment

In order for us to help you personalize your experience and choose the exercise classes that will work best for you, we need to know a little more about you, your activity level, your exercise history, and your symptoms. 

PWR! offers exercise videos with a variety of intensity levels. Answer the questions below to see if you should be doing low, high, or moderate intensity exercise!

Please use the definitions below to help you answer the questions below about your level of fitness and mobility.

Sedentary – Individual reports little to no physical activity or exercise; mostly sitting, reclining, lying posture, or standing.

Low-intensity - individual reports low-intensity physical activity or exercise < 2.5 hours/week; breathing is normal, and the activity does not noticeably increase the heart rate (e.g., easy slow walk, shopping, stretching, daily activities).

Moderate-intensity - Individual reports moderate-intensity physical activity or exercise > 2.5 yours/week; or 30’ 5X/week; breathing is harder, sweats after 10’, can hold a conversation. Examples: brisk walking, tai chi, golf, gardening, riding a bike on level surfaces, doubles tennis, weightlifting.

Vigorous-intensity – Individual reports vigorous-intensity physical activity or exercise ≥ 2.5 hours/week exercise or 45’ 3x/week; talking is difficult, breathing rapid. Examples include: biking/hiking hills, singles tennis, jumping rope, walking upstairs, jogging, swimming laps, basketball, aerobic activities (treadmill, bike, functional).

Questions to Evaluate Points for Each Answer
1. What intensity characterizes your average physical activity for the last 3 months? Please choose 1 (based upon definitions above)Sedentary = 2 points
Low-intensity= 2points
Moderate-intensity = 1 point
Vigorous-intensity = 0 points
2. Were you a habitual exerciser before diagnosis or in your midlife? Defined as: ≥ 3 days/week moderate to high intensity?Yes = 0 points
No = 2 points
3. How many years since your diagnosis?Less than 7 years = 0 points
Between 7-10 years = 1 points
Greater than 10 years = 2 points
4. How many times have you fallen in the last 6 months?More than 2 times = 2 points
One or two times = 1 point
None = 0 points
5. On a scale of 0-100%, how confident are you in your ability to exercise and be safe at home?0-60% = 2 points
60-75% = 1 point
75-100% = 0 point
6. Can you get down and up from the floor with a chair by yourself?No = 2 points
Most of the time = 1 point
Yes = 0 point
7. Do you require an assistive device or physical assistance of another person for walking, or getting in/out of a chair?No = 0 points
Sometimes = 1 point
Yes = 2 points
8. Do you have pain, joint limitations, major medical conditions, or other neurological disorders that may interfere with ability to exercise without adaptations?Yes = 2 points No = 0 points
9. Do you have postural hypotension?
Defined as: low blood pressure that happens when you stand up from sitting or lying down. It can make you feel dizzy or lightheaded, and maybe faint.
Yes, most of the time = 2 points
Yes, occasionally = 1 point
No = 0 points
10. Do you have freezing of gait when you turn, are in a hurry, or multitask?
Defined as: Do you experience episodes where you feel like your feet are stuck to the floor when trying to walk? You may also experience
Yes, greater than 30% of the time = 2 points
Yes, occasionally, less than 30% = 1 point
No = 0 points
Can you follow instructions when there are multiple steps?
More than 2 steps: Example - Walk to your right, squat, and lift your weight.
2 step instructions: Example - Walk to your right, and squat
1 step instructions: Example - Walk to your right
Yes, more than 2 steps = 0 points
Yes, 2 step instructions = 1 point
Yes,1 step instructions = 2 points
12. Do you have difficulty with remembering things that have been told to you a few minutes ago?Yes, I have difficult remembering = 2 points
No, I can remember = 1 point
What's Your Total?______________________

Interpreting Your Score

0 to 5 Points
High Intensity

We recommend you use our high intensity exercise classes, which are designed to help you focus on good form and optimal effort. Our high intensity classes elicit vigorous, intentional, high-quality practice to help you maximize the benefits of your exercise.

6 to 15 Points
Moderate Intensity

We recommend you use our moderate intensity exercise classes, which are designed to challenge the body at slighly faster paces. We include moderately paced exercise and recovery intervals, with slightly longer transitions, higher repetitions, and low-impact activities to promote better movement.

16 to 24 Points
Low Intensity

We recommend you use our low intensity exercise classes, which are designed to help you get comfortable with your exercise while staying safe and supported.  We focus on mindful, high-quality practice to help you get the most out of your workouts.

Please note: Your results should only be used as a suggestion for the classes and/or you choose to participate in.
Intensities may vary by class/video.