Stay Active!

Stay Active! 

Let’s talk about why it’s important to stay active if you have Parkinson’s! 

We know with Parkinson disease that inactivity is pro-degenerative, which means it speeds up the degeneration process. This means we want to be as active as possible through things like going to the grocery store to get your own food, and taking walks around the block. 


Try adding small bits of exercise, like using the stairs instead of the elevator or even just being active and going for a walk with a friend rather than sitting down to chat with them maybe when you’re socializing.  

We want to make sure we use it or else we’re going to lose it so that means be as active as possible--  be up on your feet and avoid sitting for long periods of time.  You could even set an alarm on your cell phone every hour that tells you to get up. Try standing up five times in a row, or go for a walk around the block, get up out of the chair. 

Remember that being active and staying active allows you to go live your best life. 



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