See for yourself what our live classes have to offer!

As future members decide which membership is the best for them, we receive lots of requests to see what live classes are like, which is great, because we're happy to show them off!


Below you'll find samples of our full-length, 60-minute live classes.  They were filmed while the live class originally happened, so you'll be able to see exactly what our live classes have to offer from start to finish.  Each of our expert instructors has their own style and expertise, and with a staff of over 15, we're sure you'll find favorites you connect with and will look forward to seeing day after day.


Keep in mind that our classes are always changing, always fun, and always designed specifically for people with PD to get the most out of their exercise.  With a Gold Membership, you'll participate in four 60-minute live classes per week.  With our Platinum Membership, you'll be able to participate in live classes five days a week with up to 6 hour-long classes.


Why are live classes different?

Our live exercise classes are longer and offer you interaction with your instructors and classmates.  Your instructors are experienced in working specifically with people with PD and during live classes, they use our giant projector screen to keep an eye on you and your classmates.  This allows them to make realtime adjustments to the class based on how everyone is doing.

Pre-Recorded - Live HIIT Class 1

Join Nancy for a vigorous, full-body workout that will include a cardio blast, a strength and agility circuit, and a balance circuit.

Pre-Recorded - Live Boxing Class 1

Join Nancy for a full-body workout that will train your boxing skills, agility, and strength.

Pre-Recorded - Live High Intensity PWR!Moves Class 1

Get moving with Becky as she guides you through this class, which focuses on targeting two specific PD symptoms, rigidity and bradykinesia. You'll rehearse fundamental movements, keep your intensity up with functional intervals, and finish with combining functional movements to practice longer functional sequences that are applicable to everyday living.

Pre-Recorded - Live Low Intensity PWR!Moves Class 1

Follow along with Natalie as she guides you through functional movements incorporating seated and standing PWR!Moves.

Pre-Recorded - Live Posture Class 2

Join Jenn in this class designed to improve your posture. You’ll use a combination of exercise and PWR!Moves, specifically PWR! Up, to strengthen and stretch the muscle groups that play a crucial role in posture.

Pre-Recorded - Live Circuit Class 1 

Join Nancy in this circuit class where she challenges your balance with single-leg PWR!Moves, gets your heart rate up with 5 simple movements, and works your strength and balance.

We hope you enjoyed these samples. Visit our sign-up page to get started!

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