Guided Plans

Our expertly curated guided exercise plans are designed specifically so you don’t have to guess which exercises to do (or when) and to offer you well-rounded and comprehensive workout plans that will help you get the most out of your exercise. 


The RoadMap to Success in a Guided Plan

These recommendations give a great roadmap for how to exercise…and now PWR! is giving you classes -- the PWR!Moves 360 -- to fit those guidelines. You will do aerobics, strength, agility, and stretching activities, at the intensity you need to create changes in your mind and body. Remember many PWR! exercise classes may cover multiple domains, so you get extra credit for following the exercise guidelines!


Function - Use your real-life movements as exercise!

Do you find yourself struggling with certain daily tasks or activities? Are there chores that are becoming harder for you to complete? Function helps us in all aspects of our daily lives from getting out of bed, getting dressed, or putting away the groceries. Improving our mobility helps us to get to the bathroom, find our phone, play ball with the grandchildren, water our garden, get up and down from the floor, take out the trash, and vacuum.

Function and mobility are such an essential part of our daily lives that most of us take them for granted. We do not realize how important it is until we begin to struggle with our day-to-day activities. In this guided plan you will exercise to improve your ability to be mobile and functional.  Make your everyday movements exercise, and make the most of your day.


When you think about exercise, do you include your hands?

Every day we use our hands to help us function.  Whether we are using our hands for work or play, to eat or communicate, our hands are constantly moving. Because of Parkinson disease, our hands can lose dexterity and become rigid. Stretching, strengthening, and coordinating your hand movements will help you throughout your day-to-day activities.  

Enjoy using the Hands Guided Plan to help you do the things you enjoy doing. Coming ahead: Join Nancy, Pandora, and Carla as they challenge you to dual task and improve your function with hand and eye coordination exercises.


Learn how to start, stop, and turn quickly and accurately

Have you ever thought about how your body can switch directions, turn on a dime, or switch tasks suddenly? Agility can help us to transition from one area to another, including turning, getting up and down off of the floor, or stepping over objects. Your brain and body have to complete many steps to do these tasks, and it can be harder with Parkinson disease.

During the Agility Guided Plan, we will help you to move up, down, and all around with speed and coordination.

All of your pre-recorded videos and your live classes (PWR!Moves, Boxing, Cardio, and Circuit) will follow this agility theme. Let’s work on those quick movements!

Balance GP

Let’s work your balance so that you can feel safer, walk better, and do more of what you like to do.

At PWR! We get asked all the time...How can I fix my balance? Balance is complex, and there are multiple reasons why your balance might feel off, so you need a multi-targeted approach. Balance training can be tricky... It has to be hard to be successful. Once balance becomes easy, you need to progress the challenge.

You can do this! Balance training works for everyone. It’s never too early to start training your balance – and if you have had falls, you have so much to gain.

During the Balance Guided Plan, you will practice activities for almost every possible balance situation. We have put it all together for you.

All of your pre-recorded balance videos and your live classes (PWR!Moves, Boxing, Cardio, and Circuit) will also follow a balance theme. Be prepared to feel more stable!


Reach tall and let's work on your posture

Posture is a great excuse to PWR! Up with some antigravity core strengthening!  As a newborn, you already did the hard work of developing your postural muscles as you struggled to hold your head up in “tummy time” or to scoot, roll, sit, or stand to get to your favorite toys!  Unfortunately, our lifestyle (e.g., injuries, bad habits, diet, stress) can take a toll on our musculoskeletal health. And, for PWP, worsening of posture is one of those symptoms that doesn’t respond well to medications or deep brain stimulation.

Luckily, exercise can help you improve your posture, so follow along in the guided plan to lengthen and strengthen your spine.


Focus on building your strength, one exercise at a time.

Everyone needs to be strong and powerful – but that is particularly true for people with Parkinson disease (PWP). When you have Parkinson disease, you may feel weaker and move smaller.

During the Strength Guided Plan, we will help you use resistance exercise, power training, postural exercises and cognitive challenges to help you be stronger, move bigger, and stand straighter. In addition to your pre-recorded strength videos, all of your live classes (PWR!Moves, Boxing, Cardio, and Circuit) will also follow a strength theme. This guided plan will help you work hard and feel strong - doing anything, anywhere, anytime!


Work on improving your gait, one step at a time.

Did you know that changes to walking (or “gait”) is one of the first symptoms that people with Parkinson’s disease notice? Do you feel that your feet are shuffling when you walk? Are you finding yourself taking smaller steps or feel like your chance of falling has increased?

In our Gait Guided Plan, we take the guesswork out of how to use exercise to improve your walking. Use exercise classes from Carla, Pandora, Natalie, Nancy and Jenn to help you to walk better! Begin taking the necessary steps to help you improve your stride and confidence while improving your balance and gait.

24 Week Guided Plan

Our introductory guided plan that covers a wide range and can be done in 2 week increments. 


The Booster Program

We are happy to have The Booster Program, created by Sarah King, live within the PWR! Virtual Experience for our members.

We are thankful Sarah has given us the opportunity to share it with you after she retired the program. Below you will find the plan from Sarah King that she previously offered as a standalone. We have added a little supplemental PWR! Material to the program as well. 

Let us know if you have any questions. We are super happy to have you here, and to support Sarah’s Booster members!