An Invite from Dr. Farley

Welcome to the PWR! Exercise Revolution!

Thank you so much for expressing an interest in our Virtual PWR! Experience  and for taking the time to learn more about how you can get better and stay better with exercise!

As the founder of PWR! and a pioneer in PD-specific exercise and rehabilitation research and programming, I am delighted to welcome you to the same cutting edge-programming we implement in our PWR! Gym flagship facility in Tucson, AZ!

Our mission has always been to increase access for people with Parkinson disease to neuroplasticity-principled programming starting at diagnosis and continuing for life.

Since 2010, PWR! has grown from an organization of 3 staff in 1,000 sq. ft. to 25 staff in 16,000 sq. ft.!  In 2011, we launched our annual PWR! Retreat, a week-long immersion into exercise for brain change essentials to empower persons with PD to get started, live well and take control of their own trajectory of living with PD. In 2012, we established our brick and mortar PWR! Gym to demonstrate the feasibility of implementing an integrated model of healthcare for persons with PD - one that begins at diagnosis with rehabilitation, and then cycles to PD-specific community exercise and wellness programs and back to rehabilitation, as a continuum of care for life. We have now trained and certified over 6000 therapists and fitness professionals worldwide to be PWR! PD-exercise specialists and encouraged them to join forces and form their own local continuum of care networks.

Dr. Becky Farley
Dr. Becky Farley

We couldn’t have achieved all this without our amazing PWR! Team composed of our volunteer board and executive, administrative, and educational staff, along with all of our PD-specialized therapists and fitness professionals. Helping individuals with PD is all we do! Every day!

Through our PWR! Virtual Experience, persons with PD everywhere are now able to benefit from the same empowering proactive exercise and wellness resources as our locals and guests experience at the PWR!Gym in Tucson, AZ.... all from your HOME!

You will have access to our expertise through self-assessment, guided plans that start with the PD-specific fundamentals, educational content, tips, Q&A with an expert, and a growing library of PD-specific pre-recorded and live exercise classes of varying types and intensity - both physical and cognitive! If that is not enough, we offer 1:1 wellness consultations (in-person or virtual) to personalize your PWR! Virtual Experience. Let us supplement your current therapy and exercise programming or be your “one stop - exercise for brain change - shop”.

We know that Parkinson’s research is ongoing and growing every day. We do the work of incorporating that research into exercise and wellness content so that you don’t have to. Together we can bring you hope and connection, and the ability to live your best life.

I invite you to sign-up and get started today.  I hope to “see” you in class soon.



Join Becky as she demonstrates the basic PWR!Moves, and briefly talks about what makes our program different.

What we offer in the PWR! Virtual Experience

Guided Plans
Why play the "pick an exercise video" game when you can have guided plans curated with you in mind?

Parkinson's Focused
Our experts focus on PD all day, every day, and we have for over a decade.

Multi-Intensity Classes
Every Parkinson's journey should fit you and your needs. Our assessment will help you fit into the class that is the perfect intensity for you. For more on intensity and why, listen to Dr. Becky Farley here.
Live Virtual Classes via Zoom©
We want to see you! Keep motivated and moving with our live Zoom classes.

Educational Materials
You probably have questions—let us help you find the right answers.

Class Variety
From boxing to yoga, we’ve got something for everybody in our extensive library, live and pre-recorded!

PWR!ful Community
With each new member, our community grows—we'd love for you to join us!