Virtual Membership Plan

$50.00 / month

Virtual Members receive unlimited on demand access to our always-growing PD-specific video library, guided exercise plans to help you know what exercise to do when, and tons of resources and health and wellness tips straight from the experts at PWR!.



Access to hundreds of PD-specific exercise and wellness videos so you can move better and live better!

  • Use our curated guided plans to know what exercise to do and when
  • Browse our ever-expanding video library by topic so you can find exactly the video you’re looking for
  • Mix and match pre-recorded exercise video options for the perfect workout
  • Videos include: PWR! Circuit, Boxing, High Intensity PWR!Moves, Low Intensity PWR!Moves, Cardio, Cooldowns, and our wide variety of specialty classes, wellness tips, and educational videos
  • Explore our Resources page to learn more about PD-specific exercise, Parkinson disease, wellness, and more


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